Garnier Thiebaut Grace Bicolores Perle Jacquard Tablecloth

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French pearl-color tablecloth adorned with a natural scenery, giving the feel of wildflowers and pasture flourishing in the European Vosges mountains. It blends perfectly well into a minimalistic ambiance fused with shades of gray or white. An exemplar choice for dinner parties or special occasions.

Made in France
100% extra-long staple cotton
Green Sweet stain resistant treatment, dense weave with thinner threads for added sheen and finer pattern details
high thread count

Cotton: We use extra-long staple Cotton to weave our products. This premium quality of cotton with long fibers results in a stronger, softer and more durable fabric.

Green Sweet: Discover our revolutionary Green Sweet stain resistant treatment. This patented eco-friendly treatment protects your linens against spill and stains, without altering the look and feel of linens. Enjoy the look and soft feel of cotton linens, without worrying about stains.