Yves Delorme Ombrelle Bath Robe

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Geometric sculpted jacquard, 100% cotton, 550 g/m², micro motif border. Available in 1 color: Milk.

Design Inspiration

This luxurious winter jacquard shimmers like a jewel whose facets catch the light. The extremely fine weave reveals exceptional craftsmanship. The femininity of a delicate curved pattern is echoed by precious micro-design details that become apparent when you take a closer look. Evoking parasols, feathers or lace, this design embodies all the sophistication of radiant ivory bed linen

Technical Information

Robe: available in 4 sizes: S - M - L - XL

Measurement (in) S M L XL
Sleeves 22 22 22.5 22.5
Length 38 38 38 38
Across back under arms 19.5 21 22.75 24.5