Yves Delorme Nymphe Coverlet

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Yves Delorme's Linen Water® is specially made by Le Blanc® in our Provence scent and is perfect for refreshing your household linens and apparel with a long-lasting scent.  The scent "Provence" is of French wildflowers from the south of France with a touch of honey and lavendar notes.  Fragrance your bed linens, drapery, bath towels, clothing and more with an easy to use multi-setting mist sprayer.  Available in 1 size: 32 oz.


Hold bottle about eight inches away and spray lavishly on fabric.  Pass heated iron over item until it dries.  The lasting aroma will keep your linens and apparel feeling renewed and refreshed for days.

Technical Information

Made in the USA.  Recommended for use on household linens and apparel.  To ensure compatibility of fabric, we recommend testing an unnoticeable area of the fabric.  If spotting occurs, rewash the item in cool water using Linen Wash.  Not recommended for use on rayon, satin or silk fabrics.  This product is not intended for pouring inside an iron or spraying directly on the floor.  Due to the nature of the product, liquid inside bottle with darken slightly over time.  Store bottle in a cool area away from direct sunlight.